5 Interview questions you need to be asking potential employees

February 11, 2023
6 min read

5 Interview questions you need to be asking potential employees.

Hiring the correct employees is essential for a company's success, and interviews play an integral role in finding those candidates. But not all questions are created equal - we'll guide you through five questions every potential hire should ask in order to make informed hiring decisions.

  1. What interests you about this job? This question provides insight into a candidate's motivations for applying and whether they are truly interested. Additionally, it helps identify potential red flags such as more interest or an area of focus rather than specific job duties.
  2. What is your past experience with [specific task or skill]? You can assess a candidate's abilities and determine their problem-solving capabilities by asking them for examples of past successes in that skill or task. Doing this provides insight into whether they are suitable for the job.
  3. Can you share an instance when you had to deal with a challenging situation? Candidates are encouraged to share such experiences from their work history in order to demonstrate their problem-solving capabilities, stress tolerance and pressure tolerance, as well as how they communicate under pressure.
  4. How Do They Handle Feedback? A candidate's approach to feedback can reveal their attitudes toward constructive criticism and how they are treated by others. It can also be used as a measure of how eager they are to accept corrections and make improvements.
  5. Can you share with me about a previous project you led? Interviewing candidates about their past projects offers valuable insight into their leadership skills, capacity to delegate and manage tasks, as well as how they work with others. It also allows us to observe how they think and communicate effectively.

Here are five questions to ask potential employees when interviewing them. You can gain a better insight into the candidate's experience, qualifications, and suitability for the job by asking the appropriate questions. Additionally, these inquiries help identify people who are passionate about their work - an essential trait in creating productive teams that succeed.

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