Backup & Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity are two of the most critical processes a business can have in place.

Most organizations think of a disaster as a hurricane, earth quake, tornado, flood or other natural phenomenon. Many times the biggest threat comes from within the organization. That can be a facility fire, theft, malicious/grievous intent by an employee or even an employee accidentally deleting or removing critical data. Statistically, however, the most typical form of disaster within an organization is equipment failure.

There are two distinct differences between these terms:

Disaster Recovery:

Is the ability to fully recover your technology, systems and process back to the state they were before a disaster event occurs.

Business Continuity:

Is the ability to conduct business during and after a disaster event occurs and up to a point of complete disaster recovery.  This includes several items including application access, telephone services, e-mail access and communication ability to employees, clients/customers, and vendors.

Key Business Impact Factors:

  • RPO - Recovery Point Objective

Recovery Point Objective (RPO) is the maximum acceptable amount of data loss after an unplanned data-loss incident, expressed as an amount of time. This is generally thought  of as the point in time before the event at which data can be successfully recovered -- that is, the time elapsed since the most recent reliable backup.

  • RTO - Recovery Time Objective

Recovery Time Objective (RTO) is the maximum acceptable amount of time for restoring a network or application and regaining access to data after an unplanned disruption. Loss of revenue and the extent to which a disrupted process impacts business continuity can both have an impact on RTO.

Depending on the nature of the business and the process or system involved, this amount of time can vary greatly. For example, the RTO for a payroll system might be as long as two weeks, while the RTO for a sensitive financial process might be effectively zero, requiring that service be restored almost instantly.

Disaster Recovery

GamwellTech has developed a comprehensive approach to disaster recovery and by standard has implemented a cost effective solution that focuses on an RPO of as little as 15 minutes prior to the disaster event occurring.  Our disaster recovery system leverages a tapeless system that allows for complete server backups that occur every 15 minutes.  Also, that data is moved to an off-site data center in the event your organization experiences a complete system or facility loss.

Business Continuity

GamwellTech realizes that most organizations do not have a clearly defined business continuity process in place including a measurable RTO.  As part of our managed disaster recovery  process we have deployed a series of technologies and systems that allow us to deploy an RTO starting as low as 15 minutes for our clients.  This includes a Network Attached storage device that will allow us to bring servers online in a virtualized environment at your facility remotely from our network operations center.

E-Mail Continuity

One of the most frequent  business interruptions that occur is the loss of e-mail functionality.  To address this issue GamwellTech has partnered with MX Logic and leverages their message continuity service.  MX Logic's message continuity service  allows your mail to be automatically and securely spooled (stored) on their servers until your mail system is restored.  The amount of time mail can be spooled is up to 60 days.  Also, there is a web interface for organizations to login and conduct e-mail business operations without the need of their primary mail systems being restored.  Once the mail servers have been restored MX Logic will automatically stop spooling and e-mail will be sent directly back to your e-mail server.

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